Addington Coffee Co-op is part of a larger organisation called Liminal, formed around strong values of fair and ethical ways of doing business.  We exist solely for others, as we strive to create a place of belonging for our customers, employees,  and our producers in the far reaches of the globe. 

We commit to redistributing 70% of the profits our enterprises generate back to the local community and to some of the producers and communities overseas that create the products we sell. The other 30% is reinvested into the business. Our shareholders don't take a cent in dividends.

It's not a matter of generosity, it's about the profits of our business going back to the producers and communities to whom they really belong. 

Profit Allocation

For us, the bottom line for business should be people - not the ultimate wellbeing of shareholders, insatiable profit grabbing and market dominance at all costs. By and large, the people missing out in the global business chain are the producers and manufacturers in the 'majority world'. Our business model seeks to correct this imbalance as best we can.

It's only a small part of the solution to the big issues of poverty, injustice and power imbalance facing the world today, but it's a part nonetheless. 

So with every purchase you make from any part of the Liminal business, you become part of this story, changing the way business is done.